Facebook’s AI tool “SapFix” to help developers in fixing buggy code


Facebook consistently worked hard in delivering the best consumer experience. However, this time they chose to welfare the developer’s community by launching an “I” instrument to resolve the buggy code.

The title seems pretty dope correct? This instrument is presently used internally to automatically discover anomalies in code and suggest the programmers make necessary changes.

It already contributed by supplying strong code to their Android app. Facebook also declared in their Scale engineering conference that this tool will soon be available for the developer community.

Presently, SapFix works on repairing the bugs seen by Facebook’s intelligent automated software testing instrument — Sapienz.

“Below is the workflow of just how Sapienz works”

After discovering the bug, Sapienz either fully or partially reverts the code that caused it.

In order to manage more complicated and difficult bugs, then it either picks up a template based on previous understanding of bug fixes or makes minor adjustments to code before the bug gets fixed.

The sap is capable of creating several fixes and also tests them against 3 significant parameters.

    Can there be any compilation errors?

    Does the crash persist?

    Can the repair introduce any fresh crashes?

After analyzing those parameters the application picks up a repair and send it to the engineers for feedback and review.

The company also admitted that it’s the first time if a system generated fix with automated end-to-end testing and repair is being set up into facebook code.

Also, the SapFix staff is continuously working on improving the tool to the extent where it can automatically detect crashes before they appear or happen. It’s also said that Sapienz and SapFix both will probably be published as the open sourced tools, once the technology function is complete.

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